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Heat Management for Human Performance and Safety

A talk by Associate Professor Jason Lee Ph.D, FACSM
Exercise and Thermal Physiologist, Yong Yoo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore

Occupational heat stress is a threat to human health, work productivity and safety. New attention on this issue has been created by the ongoing climate change, which in large parts of the world has caused more hot days each year and hotter hot days. In addition to the more commonly known effects of heat stress on heat injury, heat can also decrease work productivity and increase accidents. All regions with seasonal or permanent heat stress will experience an elevated impact. In order to optimise work productivity and safety in the heat, I will be sharing various strategies that can be employed to reduce heat strain such as optimising work-rest cycles, maximising aerobic fitness, heat acclimatisation, pre-exercise cooling and fluid ingestion. Onsite heat management solutions for heat injured personnel will also be discussed.